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Wizard of Oz game from 1921 by Parkers Brother Co.


1939 Masks

Oz character masks

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My Wizard of Oz store

Wizard of Oz books are considered some of the most sought- after childrens book series. Yet, many antique books collectors who discover my store are somewhat bewildered by my choice to specialize exclusively in the Wizard of Oz books. "Why not other children books?" they ask me all the time.

Well, let me tell you a story from my childhood. When I was a child and was learning to play a musical instrument, my teacher told me that if someone tells you that he or she are able to play multiple instruments, there is a very good chance that this person could not play well any of them. Learning that lesson, I decided to specialize in only one subject matter and to become an expert in the field. By having a true specialty, I was able to learn as much as possible about the subject matter, thus gaining a substantial advantage over other "generalist" children books dealers. By now I had gotten to the point where not only I know the copyright year of all 40 Oz books from the top of my head, but sometimes even remember page numbers opposite of color illustrations in almost all Oz books!

I am stating these facts not to boast, but simply to let the potential Oz collectors know that my experience with hundreds of Oz collectible books is a valuable tool for all of you out there who are thinking about or already started collecting Oz books. For example, based on W.W.Denslows records, it is a documented fact that there are 35,000 copies of the first edition of Wonderful Wizard of Oz printed. However, there is no information (at least that I could find) about the second edition copy from 1903. If I observe the ratio of the number of copies of first and second edition copies that passed through my store (over 50 first edition copies and 8 copies of the 2nd edition), I can conclude that there under 10,000 copies of the second edition printed. That fact makes my second edition copy even more sought after by serious Wizard of Oz books collectors. Below is the image of copies of both editions that I have in my Wizard of Oz store:

1st edition Wonderful WIzard of OzMultiple copies of first edition Wonderful WIzard of Oz books. Published by Geo M. Hill in 1899. Less than 10 copies available at Abebook where 14,000 antique book dealers lists 110 million books.

2nd edition Wizard of OzImage of the 2nd edition 1st state copies. This edition has full title "New Wizard of Oz" on the front cover. I could not find one single copy available for sale at Abebooks.

Well, some of you may comment that you saw certain editions of the Oz book advertised in a certain store or through a certain website. Beware: many of them simply think that they have certain editions. The complexity of edition identification, presence of only one copyright year or simply lack of experience with the first and early editions of Oz books in the store all contribute to inaccurate, albeit unintentional, advertising.

Over the years I have been purchasing a number of the Wizard of Oz books through an antiquarian book dealer, and although I consider myself an expert in these books series, I ended up sending back approximately 30% of the books because the dealer simply did not know what he had and unintentionally advertised things that were simply incorrect. Also, while I am able to verify the edition of the books and get the idea of the general condition of Oz books from a book store, I often find that book sellers do not take necessary time to evaluate books to the full extent. I often hear the statement from the sellers that the book is in very good condition. While the seller of the book may in fact consider it as such for the book that is 80 years old book, there is a very good chance that I will not consider the condition to be "very good," both by my own standards and after seeing hundreds of the Wizard of Oz books that are just as old and many times, even older. See photo below:

first edition Wizard of oz

Best condition first edition book

1st edition Wizard of OzOne of the worst condtion book sold in 2009 for over $3000 (including comissions).

So you may wonder how you, the potential buyer, will benefit from my knowledge? These are some of the facts about my unique store:

- Eighty percent of the items in my store are Wizard of Oz books and remaining items are related to the Wizard of Oz theme, such as mugs, doll, cards, masks, etc. You do not have to search all over the internet; everything is here, in one convenient place
- Majority of my collectible books are selling for over hundreds of dollars, giving me a unique opportunity to concentrate on taking multiple photographs of each book which enables you to see clearly what you are buying. Yes, it takes a lot of time to do the necessary work , but in the end it yields better results because I am able to provide better service to you, the buyer
- Although I am offering 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, I rarely receive a book back simply because the buyer has an opportunity to review multiple photographs, talk to me directly over the phone or via e-mail, to have all questions answered before he or she buys the book.
- I have multiple copies of the same title thus giving the buyer an opportunity to select the condition of the book that he or she is most comfortable with. Since I have such an extensive inventory, one can choose a book or series of books to fit any budget.
- I do not delete the books that were sold; instead I place them in the SOLD folder for potential research by buyers, something that I noticed a lot of visitors of the store appreciate.

Go ahead and follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz. You will be glad you did!

L.Frank Baum Oz books
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Remaining 26 Oficial Oz titles
In this section you can find 26 Oz titles by Ruth Thompson, John Neill,Jack Snow, Rachel Cosgrove, E.J.McGraw

Rare Editions
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L.Frank Baum Non Oz books
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Non Oz books by Ruth Thompson
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Wizard of Oz pop-up books
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Oz foreign books
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Oz books for one dollar
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Other children books
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Oz Artwork
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Oz buttons and pins
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Collectors Items
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Masks and Costumes
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Dolls, Playset
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Oz Domestic
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Figures and figurines
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Games & Puzzles
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Glasses, Mugs
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by Gregory Maguire. Signed limited edition with certificate of authenticity


Wizard of Oz pop up by Robert Sabuda. Signed limited edition 42 of 50

Robert-Sabuda-Pop-Up-Book book


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